i am the space where i am: concept

In order to illustrate this issue of personal disposition according to environment and its behavior on one, I have designed an installation performance. This performance will have the property of a walk-through spaces, in which the audience will interact whilst witnessing the effect of their presence on a person or vice versa. They will have the opportunity to be both observers and participants. This will be achieved by being in spaces, which are set according to state of character. A different installation and performance, which embodies the situations in certain social interactions, takes place in each room.
Room 1.
A human realizing itself is somewhere. Realizing the bodily existence. The expansion of he/she/it. Realizing the bodily expansion and consciously understanding the, figuration of  it, its form and the body’s personal space around it.
The realization of the body as a representation of the self in the outer is established consciously in ones life in the ‘Mirror Stage’ as described by Lacan. Maurice Merleau-Ponty later on describes how:

“My body in the mirror never stops to follow my intentions, like the shadow.”

Room 2.
A human realizing another human presence is in the room. Unseen but with the feeling that someone else is there.

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” L. Wittgenstein

Room 3.
A human realizing the ability of gain from an environment. Capturing and trying on personalities. Being in dialogue with other personal spaces, in a discursive and instinctive, interactive manner.
This room make a point on human interaction as being simple and original each time in itself as a conversation. In this room the audience is more involved than in any other. Attempting to create a playful installation where the audience is a part of the performance itself. An object for the rest of audience to observe:

“the body clearly takes a position between me and the world , on the one hand this body is the centre of my world and on the other it is the object in the world of others.” R. Laing

Room 4.
A human realizing the property of social interaction to be harmful/malicious or just too strong of an interference on ones personality and space. If someone intervenes with another personal space:

“there is no single reaction to someone sitting too close[…] the victim eventually takes to flight.” R. Sommer.

Room 5.
A human realizing their personal space and self will be defined by what others see. Being again disturbed, whilst trying to build a self, the exoteric interference needs to be consumed and later produce a self that is individual but reflects characteristics of the surroundings.
“We make ourselves pictures of facts.” L. Wittgenstein

_this project is created as the final ma project of the ma costume design for performance course in the London College of Fashion.