The Balcony

The Balcony
by Jean Genet

This project was titled Costume on Film, as assigned by the MA costume Design for Performance course of the London College of Fashion. I collaborated on this film with choreographer Johan Stjernholm, performer Margarita Osepyan and make-up artist Amy Whittaker. It was shot by Mark Reban.
Following is a short description of the idea, some images and the film.

Jean Genet : “A glorification of the image”
Inside the mirror.
The guests of the House of Illusion use the mirror as to have a projection of what the fantasy of themselves is.
In the brothel, the house of illusion, in the place inside the mirror, they are a surreal images of themselves, a dream reflection of their image and ideal self.
The illusions; they all carry are of iconic figures that the outside society has moulded them to believe is an ideal state.
The revolution on the outside is their real life, their realistic self being forced on them, from which they which to escape and are unwilling to return too.
The outside is the place outside the mirror.
“So long as we were in a room, in a brothel, we belonged to our own fantasies.” J. Genet The Balcony